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Let’s Cook with Lemons

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern Lemons are one of the many tasty fruits in season in spring. A favorite of Arizonans, the lemon can be used in many different dishes to create culinary works of art. It’s not … Continue reading

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3 Big Reasons to add more Vitamin C to your Routine

By Lisa Kaschmitter, Arizona State University Nutrition Student   More than ever before, Arizona families have greater opportunities to eat a balanced diet with a good mix of vitamins and minerals. And, while the best place to get those vitamins … Continue reading

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30 Ways to Use Oranges

August is all about Arizona Oranges and we thought it would be fun to get to know these delicious orange orbs a little better.  Here are some fun facts, interesting bits of information, and delicious dishes that are all about … Continue reading

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USDA Releases New Maps Identifying Major Crop Producing Areas: Citrus

A total of 40 new maps have been prepared, showing major crop-producing areas in the United States, China, India, Pakistan, and South Africa.  Earlier versions of these maps appeared in the Major World Crop Areas and Climatic Profiles (MWCACP) handbook that contains … Continue reading

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What to do with All that Fruit?

Here in Arizona, we are blessed with a long growing season, predominantly warm weather, and a ton of sun.  This means that things that don’t grow well in other parts of the country, like citrus trees, can flourish here.  This … Continue reading

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