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How to Make Permanent, Positive Changes in Your Diet

Making healthy lifestyle choices are important for both you and your family and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine with a little time and planning. When in doubt, follow the USDA Food Pyramid. Make sure your daily diet includes dairy, water and a dose of exercise.

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Interesting Facts About Arizona Milk!

Find out more about where your milk comes from, how cows are treated, and more from Arizona Milk Producers and the Arizona Farm Bureau.

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CBS Sunday Morning News Show, January 30th will potentially include South Pole Food Growth Chamber

On CBS Sunday Morning News Show, January 30th [8:00 – 9:30AM] local times, there will be a feature story about Antarctica, which will potentially include the SPFGC (South Pole Food Growth Chamber) as a part of the storyline. Lane Patterson UA-CEAC graduate student in the Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering program was onsite last year when recording occurred. I hope that you get to see the results of a student, faculty and a small Arizona business collaboration providing Raytheon Company with controlled environment agriculture technology.

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Water and Politics Flow Downhill

As with any system that provides such value and vital economic assets, many interests seek to get their hands on the check valves in an effort to control the water and all that comes with it.

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Hickman Family Farms expands!

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