Foods the Experts say Help Boost Immunity

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Outreach Director


Like every other American, I’m trying to do things that help boost immunity during this pandemic, not to mention being in the middle of cold and flu season. But the experts tell us the best starting place is food.

Well, that won’t be a problem for me because I love to eat! And yes, some of the immune-boosting foods I love are favorites!

Several articles exist on this topic. And I mention some of the foods in this article if I eat them a lot or they easily grow in Arizona.

Citrus fruit = Eat lots of citrus especially grapefruit and citrus is one of Arizona’s 5 C’s.

Almonds = Love this nut; mainly grown in California.

Pomegranate = Fresh from the tree are total yum! I sneak them off a neighbors tree (well, they did gave me permission).

Kale and Spinach = Both are grown abundantly on Arizona farms in the winter and shipped all over the country. I love both of these leafy greens.


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