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Help End Hunger, Change Lives and Share Hope!

Summer is a very difficult time for many of Arizona’s children, and may be especially challenging with the widespread community resource reductions and the other negative impacts on families during these difficult economic times.

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NRCS Offers Help for Agricultural Energy Audits Individual energy audits will help Arizona producers reduce energy use

Arizona farmers, ranchers, dairies, nursery growers, and other agricultural producers can apply for financial help to get an energy audit for their operation.

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A survey sponsored by ConAgra Foods finds that younger consumers are more interested in cooking than the general population. The survey shows that 72 percent of those between the ages of 18 to 34 said they will cook more, while 52 percent of all survey respondents said they plan to cook more in the coming year.

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Memorial Day Grilling: Meat Prices Up or Down?

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer for many. That means it’s also the beginning of grilling season. What can consumers look forward to as they get ready for backyard barbecues?

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Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer from Overexposure

Being smart about sun protection will reduce your risk of being diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer. According to ACS, a simple ABCD rule can be used in detecting problems:

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