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How to Take Control of Your Own Food Safety

Americans are eating more produce…But with increased consumption of our fresh produce has come increased outbreaks of food-related illness associated with these foods, spurring increased concern about the safety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Christmas On the Farm

..there are pieces of my childhood on the farm that my children never experienced…

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My Encounter with a Humanitarian

By John Augustine, Agriculturalist and Nursery grower In the era of unsung heroes, Norman E. Borlaug, Ph.D. stands out as one of the greats. Not many people know the name Norman Borlaug, but billions of people are able to eat … Continue reading

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How to Dramatically Raise Food Prices and Decrease Production In One Easy Step

By John Hart, American Farm Bureau Federation With the United Nations climate talks occurring in Copenhagen and the recent finding by the Environmental Protection Agency that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases endanger public health and welfare, global warming is … Continue reading

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Our Worker Gloves Are More Valuable than Michael Jackson’s

By Pennee Murphree, former cotton, wheat and alfalfa grower Why do I even watch the news? One of the more recent news items was about the auction of a rhinestone-decorated, white glove Michael Jackson wore during one of his concerts. … Continue reading

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