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Celebrate National Pistachio Day

Pistachio: it’s a funny little snack with a nutty name and an even funnier color. Related to the cashew – whose name really does sound like a sneeze – the word pistachio sounds more like someone trying to smother a … Continue reading

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Friday, 27th: Yesterday was National Pistachio Day! Arizona sunshine grows some of the most nutritious and delicious pistachios in the United States! Most of our state’s pistachios are grown in southern Arizona. Related Article:

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What Is Sweeter than Valentine’s Day? The Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is one of the most delicious roots, or tubers, available to American appetites. Shaped like an elongated potato, the sweet potato is at its best from December through March and can be found at local Arizona grocers, … Continue reading

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Savvy Arizona Gardeners Start with Straw

Bales, that is. The straw bale garden is one method guaranteed to get around problems like rocky, infertile soil, Bermuda grass, limited water supplies, and old age.   To create your easy-care garden, bales of straw need to be located … Continue reading

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Little Known Facts about Pepperoni

The second week in February is Great American Pizza Bake week, and America’s favorite pizza topping is pepperoni! In fact, 50 percent of all pizzas ordered across this great nation include the spicy rounds of pork as their absolutely fav … Continue reading

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