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Kitchen Cheat Sheet: Handy Reference Guide for Anyone Who Loves to Cook

For the ultimate guide to conversions (plus some extra tidbits), try The Kitchen Cheat Sheet by shellshockuk.

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Giving Out Gold Stars for Food Safety

In Kindergarten, many teachers use simple rewards like giving out gold stars as a way to reward and acknowledge when students do the right thing or do a good job.  This month, if we were giving out gold stars for … Continue reading

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Top 10 Tips for a Fabulous Farmers Market Experience

Whether you are looking to support local farmers, trying to source your food locally, or just looking for a great deal on some really fresh food, the farmer’s market may be the answer to your prayers.  In addition to gaining … Continue reading

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Faces of Arizona Agriculture: Pat and Pennee Murphree

Meet Maricopa and Pinal County Farmers Pennee and Pat Murphree. They are the parents of 4, grandparents of 6 and live in Arizona City, Arizona. Pennee and Pat are 2nd generation Arizona cotton, small grains, and alfalfa farmers. High school … Continue reading

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Hey Kids, What’s Cooking?

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about how to make school lunches better for kids and how to help America’s youth learn how to eat healthier.  First the focus was on how to make healthier … Continue reading

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