Meal Prep Made Easy

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern



If you struggle to find time or motivation to make meals, meal prep is a great way to make sure you and your family get the nutrition you need without the daily cooking.

You can do meal prep once a week, but I think it’s fresher and provides more variety if you do meal prep twice a week. Pick two days of the week that are a few days apart and that work for you to cook up a few meals. I would do Sunday and Thursday since that works for my schedule, but it is up to you.

Next, order some bento boxes on Amazon, like these ones. These are great because they have the perfect amount of room for one meal. It holds just enough food to fill you up and helps you avoid overeating. And they stack and store so easily in your fridge.

Now decide what recipes you want to make. It could be anything, but I like to choose easy recipes because cooking seems like a chore to me! Here are some of my favorite easy recipes:



Cook up these meals or any recipes of your choice, let them cool a little bit, then put them in the bento boxes and store in the fridge for easy access to meals all week long. Remember you can find even more easy and delicious recipes on Fill Your Plate’s recipe database!

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