Fill Your Plate’s Collection of Meal Fact Articles

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern



Meals have been around since… forever actually! Humans have always had the need to eat, our meals have just become more sophisticated or creative over time. Some dishes that we eat today have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Learn more about the meals you eat by reading the articles below!



Little Known Facts about Vegetable Soup

6 Fun Facts about the Sandwich

Fun Facts about Salad

15 Fun Facts about Food

Fun Facts about the Main Dish on Thanksgiving

National Grilled Cheese Month, Fun Facts About Grilled Cheese

20 Fun Facts about Hot & Spicy Food

Hot Dogs! Get Your Hot Dogs! Fun Hot Dog Trivia for National Hot Dog Month


Candy and Desserts:

Fun Facts About Candy

Fun Facts about Fruit Cake

Twenty Fun Facts about Jelly Beans

11 Fun Popsicle Facts

Gingerbread: Little Known Facts

10 Fun Facts about Candy Apples

A Passion for Popsicles: 13 Fun Facts


Snacks. Drinks, and Condiments:

Pickles, They’re kind of a big DILL

Fun Facts About Hot Sauce

Fun Facts About Salsa

Fun Facts About Eggnog

Fun Facts About Pickles


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