15 Fun Facts about Food

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Look no further to find out about these fun facts about food (photo credit:BigStockPhoto.com)

Most of us eat every day with only nutrition or sustenance on the mind. We don’t often look at the foods in our fridge for the fun they contain. So, taking a break to look at the fun side of food, here are fifteen fun facts about your favorite foods.

  1. If you aren’t sure if that egg in the fridge is hard-boiled or raw, give it a spin. If it will spin, it is hardboiled. Raw or soft-boiled eggs won’t spin on its end.
  2. If you are looking for a protein-packed snack, pick something with avocado on it. Avocados have more protein than any other fruit.
  3. If you are struggling to stay awake in the morning, grab an apple instead of another cup of coffee. Apples are better than caffeine at helping you stay awake.
  4. If you are craving that morning coffee but don’t have any on hand, you can roast dandelion root and grind it up as a substitute.
  5. If you had enough patience to count the kernels on an ear of corn, you will always get a result that is an even number.
  6. If you laid out all the pizzas Americans eat in a single day side by side, it would cover 100 acres.
  7. If you need to separate out the cream from a bottle of whole milk, let it sit. Milk is heavier than cream and will move to the bottom as the cream rises to the top.
  8. If you have ever wondered how there can be canola oil when there is no such thing as a canola bean or seed, you aren’t alone. The term ‘canola’ was adopted as a replacement for the unappealingly named rapeseed oil when it was introduced as a healthy alternative to other types of oil.
  9. If you thought those purple carrots at the farmer’s market were a novelty, you might be surprised to learn that carrots were naturally purple until the Dutch monarchy bred carrots that grew orange to match the color of their house. Orange carrots were a symbol of prestige.
  10. If you plan on buying pumpkins to carve into jack o’lanterns or to decorate your porch this fall, you aren’t alone. Of all the pumpkins sold each year, only 1% is used as food.   The other 99% are solely for decoration.
  11. If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving like the Pilgrims did, set the table without forks. These early Americans didn’t use forks, only knives, spoons, and their hands.
  12. If you want to lose weight, breathe in the scent of green apples and bananas. Both scents have been shown to help you lose weight.
  13. If you have enjoyed some of the wonderfully nutritious Arizona spinach grown by our local farmers this year, you probably have Popeye to thank. When the comic strip rose to popularity in 1931, spinach consumption in this country increased significantly.
  14. If you are looking to boost your vitamin C intake, eat strawberries rather than oranges. Strawberries provide a higher dose of this valuable vitamin than oranges do.
  15. If you are looking for a way to get that green tomato to ripen faster, put it next to your bananas. Ripe bananas give of ethylene gas that helps the tomato ripen more quickly.

Check in with us weekly, if not daily, on Fill Your Plate to uncover future fun food facts including ones that tie into Arizona agriculture. The Fill Your Plate team is regularly exploring the latest food information.


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