Water Does Wonders for Your Skin

By Alexandra Pettit AZFB Communications Intern

In a place like Arizona, water is a must to survive in the summer months but is also an added benefit in the winter months as well. During the winter and the summer, the weather is very dry, and our skin tends to suffer dryness, itchiness, and even cracked skin.

Our solution for this is to slap on some hand cream but what if there was a better option something that benefits both inside and out?

The Answer… Drinking water! Yes, it’s really that easy. If you are not getting enough fluids each day your body is not functioning properly which not only affects the inside but the outside as well.  IF you are drinking the recommended amount of water each day (10-12 eight oz cups) then you will feel better overall. Your skin will look brighter, less wrinkled, more elastic, and fuller. Staying hydrated can also lower the causes of acne and dry skin.

Now let’s be honest drinking 10-12 cups of water each day may not be an easy task, however, there are other ways to get your daily water intake. You can do this through fruits and veggies like Cucumber, Celery, Watermelon, and strawberries.

Having clear healthy skin is easier than you think. Water is a wonderful resource to make you feel wonderful inside and out. So, drink up and enjoy the benefits of water.


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