Health is not just a Word

By Bailey Roden, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

When we think of a healthy person we typically think of a slimmer individual who eats salad and works out. I recently got to thinking about my health and was disappointed in the way I eat healthily and exercise. Mostly because I don’t do either of those……ever. My diet consists of fast food, and sweets and my exercise is made up of me walking to and from the fridge if I’m being honest.

Right now, I’m lucky because I’m naturally thin. But, as we age and our metabolisms slow down, I will have to change my behavior.

I have always wanted a toned body and to feel comfortable as well as confident. So, this year I’m taking action. It’s incredibly difficult but I am making an effort to reach my health goal.  If you are looking to tone your body maybe my journey will be helpful to you.

My New Routine

I hardly ever eat breakfast and if I do, it’s a doughnut or maybe some high-in -sugar cereal. As of three days ago, I have switched to a meal replacement protein for my breakfast. This meal replacement provides me with helpful vitamins while also allowing me to feel full and awesome for my most important meal of the day. However, they don’t always tell you that meal replacement protein does not taste the best but I hold on to that feeling that it gives me of feeling full and that I am ready to take on the day. Simply drinking my morning meal replacement gives me motivation because it’s a difficult task I start my day with so that also leaves me feeling accomplished each morning. You could tell me, I need to scramble up a couple eggs. However, I don’t always have the time. At least give me props for creativity.

For lunch, I pack a meal that allows me to keep track of how many calories I intake. A lot of packaged food has the calorie amount on the top in a box which makes it easy to find. This way I am able to eat the food I enjoy, fill up, but also keep track if I’m overdoing it or not.

For dinner, I allow myself a nice meal. After working hard all day and avoiding temptations I eat a heftier meal, however, I still watch the number of calories I’m taking in. During this meal, I am allowing myself more but not too indulgent and avoid ruining the hard work that I went through all day.

Now, in terms of exercise, I do simple routines. I once took a yoga and palettes class and although the moves were arduous they were still simple enough to do on your own. I began to take what I learned in this class and apply it at home. I feel more refreshed after a good workout and feel that my healthy eating sacrifice is paying off.

I am no expert when it comes to nutrition or fitness. However, I do know what works for me and what has allowed me to see many personal improvements. I wanted to share my techniques in hope that it helps other individuals looking to add a little tone to their body.

You’ve heard of the “Freshman Fifteen” once you get to college. That phrase created my drive to get healthy, in hope to avoid excessive weight gain.

If you’re looking for more articles to read regarding nutritional information, be sure to check out the Fill Your Plate blog. New blog articles are posted every week! Or if you need some inspiration for healthy recipes, take a look at the Fill Your Plate recipe section. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from.

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