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Fattoush: Middle Eastern Salad

By Lori Meszaros, Recent Nutrition Communication student at ASU Did you know that Yuma, Arizona is known as the world’s lettuce capital in the winter months? Yuma’s beautiful climate allows farmers to grow lettuce when other areas of the country … Continue reading

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Mini Pear Pies: A New Fall Favorite

By Lisa Kaschmitter, recent Arizona State University Nutrition Student   Fall is just around the corner and for those of us in love with this time of year, we’re already gathering our favorite recipes with plans to cook. A fall … Continue reading

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Treat yourself to some Dark Chocolate

By Jacob Gerdes, Arizona State Nutrition Communications Student.  Cravings for a sweet treat may nag at us occasionally and normally we feel the need to restrict ourselves because of the perceived health implications sugary treats may have. We must take … Continue reading

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Fun Summer Snacks

By Laura Slatalla, ASU Nutrition Student Having the kids home during the summer means they’ll be playing hard and get extra hungry, so it’s a great time to try some new and exciting snacks! Break out of the crackers or … Continue reading

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The Waffle, Our Breakfast Comfort Food

By Nicole Johnson, ASU Nutrition Student   Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed craving my favorite breakfast comfort food: Waffles, because who doesn’t love waffles. One of my good friends has a great spin on … Continue reading

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