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Fill Your Plate With… Rhubarb!

By Morgan Crawford, Current ASU Nutrition Student   So, you’re wondering what rhubarb even tastes like, let alone what to do with it! I am here to provide all the information you could ever need about this brightly colored stalky … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Sleep over the Nightshade Family of Plants

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern The Nightshade family of plants (Solanaceae) includes many fruits and vegetables that you may be familiar with, and probably have at home right now. But did you know that this group of plants … Continue reading

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What to Do in Your Garden this Month

April is National Gardening Month and we want to encourage everyone to get their hands dirty and experience the joys that can come from participating in producing your own food.  While you may not think backyard gardening is a possibility … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Getting Your Warm Weather Garden Growing

Spring is here and it is time to get out your gardening tools and start your seeds.   Here in Arizona, the key to creating a bountiful garden is to know what to plant and when to plant it.  This is … Continue reading

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Ask a Farmer: Why are Tomatoes Picked Green in Commercial Production?

Questions Moms Ask Arizona Farmers & Ranchers: Response to AZ Mom Question #8 “Why are tomatoes picked green in commercial production?”    This is a great question! Thank you for the opportunity to share some of our expertise. The fruit is … Continue reading

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