Health Benefits from Green Tea and Coffee

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Although I am not a coffee or tea drinker, this article is for all you caffeine lovers. There have been studies done showing the health benefits of coffee and green tea towards type 2 diabetes and other benefits. Here are some of the most recommended articles by nutritionists as well as some advice from Fill Your Plate!


Green Tea, Coffee, and Mortality Risk in T2DM

A study in the BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care found that drinking four or more cups of green tea every day lowers the odds of death by 40% among patients with type 2 diabetes, while two or more cups of coffee every day lowers the odds by 41%, compared with patients who did not drink any tea or coffee. The findings, based on data from 4,923 people in Japan with type 2 diabetes, also revealed that drinking four or more cups of green tea along with two or more cups of coffee every day reduced the risk of death by 63%.

Coffee: More Than a Bean

Biased on a recent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, coffee may reduce the risk of illnesses like Parkinson’s, liver disease, type two diabetes, and may even decrease depression.  There has even been a recent study conducted by the American Journal of Kidney Disease, stating that coffee has been shown to decrease the risk of Chronic Kidney Disease.  The caffeine in coffee kicks off a small increase in one’s blood pressure and helps the blood vessels function better. It’s a healthy way to get the blood pumping quickly.

Live Longer by Consuming More Coffee

Do you depend on coffee as a part of your daily routine? From getting ready to keeping awake, coffee seems to be an essential part of people’s lives. Whether it’s the taste or the effect, coffee is what helps us function throughout the day. Turns out having coffee often can also help you live longer and lower your death risks significantly.

Coffee Can Wake Up More than Just Your Brain

I was recently on my Facebook browsing around and scrolling through my newsfeed. I came across an article from Alternative Daily and it had an article on “Why Coffee Makes You Poop.” As gross as that sounds I was interested in knowing why since I consume a ton of coffee daily.

The Green Tea Effect: From Coffee to Tea-The reasons, benefits, and myths

We all could use a little more energy throughout the day. Adding coffee to our daily routine helps immensely but what happens when you take your coffee drinking too far and hit that shaky, jittery caffeine wall? When we consume too much caffeine we begin to affect our body’s natural energy regulatory system. Also for everybody who drinks their coffee with cream and sugar, you are consuming quite a bit of extra calories. So what can you do instead? Make the simple switch to Green Tea for a slight caffeine kick along with receiving some major health benefits.

Morning Coffee Health Benefits

Most people I know must have their morning cup of coffee. Sometimes they will even have two or three cup. I prefer tea, but because I am surrounded by coffee drinkers, it got me thinking: How healthy is a cup of coffee? I’ve heard before that coffee isn’t all that bad for you, but I decided to look into it.

Green Tea to Your Health

We all know that green tea has become very popular and that it’s now being used for treating various health issues including weight loss. I found an article on health line that had nine benefits of green tea and I would like to share them with you. Other sources that contribute to this list include WebMD and University of Maryland Medical Center.

Filling Your Cup with Matcha Green Tea

My first experience with matcha was probably the same as many others: matcha ice cream. This mysterious green ice cream has such a uniquely grassy and sweet flavor, and I was instantly in love! I started noticing matcha pop up everywhere: matcha ice cream, lattes, tea, mochi, and even soba noodles. I kept hearing that matcha is good for you, too. But how is it different than the brewed green tea that most people are familiar with?

Green Tea

Green tea the king of beverages as it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.  You may have heard people drink green tea everyday or seen it on your local Starbucks menu.  But what you may not know is green tea has been around for years and does wonders for your health.

Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is one of my all-time favorite drinks. I’ll drink hot tea, or iced tea, sweet tea, or tea with a little lemon in it; it doesn’t matter to me. Tea has also been a favorite drink of choice throughout history. There are many ‘creation stories’ surrounding tea, but it was likely first discovered in Ancient China. After becoming popular there, tea began to make its way around the globe, becoming popular in almost every other country. Since tea was first discovered, many more varieties have become available than that one original variety, and they are all said to have different medicinal or healing properties. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of tea, and what they can potentially do for your health.


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