Fill Your Plate’s Collection of Vitamin Articles

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern



Do you take your vitamins every day? If you don’t, now is a great time to start! Vitamins can boost our immune system, give us nutrients we need that we don’t always get from our diet, and many other positive health benefits. Read up on our articles from over the years below to learn more about vitamins and why you should take them!


Vitamin A

Does Early Vitamin A Supplement Reduce Infant Mortality?

400% of Vitamin A the Kids Will Love


Vitamin B6

More on COVID-19 and Vitamin B6


Vitamin C

Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Is Your Orange Juice Void of Vitamin C?

3 Big Reasons to add more Vitamin C to your Routine


Vitamin D

Vitamin D Might Prevent Cancer in Older Adults

Fill Your Plate’s Advice on Vitamin D

Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

Egg Yolks are a Natural Source of Vitamin D

Egg Yolk, A Naturally Reliable Source of Vitamin D

Should you take a Vitamin D Supplement?

The Importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D—The Sunshine Vitamin


Vitamin Folate

The Discovery of the Vitamin Folate


Vitamin K

The Importance of Vitamin K


Daily Vitamins And Other Topics

The Vitamin Question: Should you be giving your children daily vitamins?

The Importance of Vitamins in the Early Stages of Life

Say ‘JELL-O’ to vitamins

Eggs Contain Every Essential Vitamin, Almost!

How Essential Nutrients Work for You

Are Superfoods Superfake?

Foods to Boost the Immune System


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