Fill Your Plate’s Collection of Food Safety Articles

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern



Food safety is something that can often be overlooked, but is crucial to follow if you want to avoid food poisoning, salmonella, and other unpleasant sicknesses. Read up on our food safety articles below to learn how to safely prepare food in your home and how to avoid food poisoning when you go out to eat.


Food Safety Labels Loaded with Information

New Food Safety Labels Making a Difference

We’re Serious about Food Safety

The Food Industry: Helping us Ensure Food Safety

5 Tips for Summer Food Safety

Sharpening Your Food Safety Skills for Summer

Giving Out Gold Stars for Food Safety

6 Food Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Farmer John, Food Safety Begins with You

Recent Egg Recall Reminds us about the Basics in Food Safety

11 Easy Food Safety Tips for Your Home

Food Safety, a Joint Effort You Can Help With

Arizona’s State Budget Cuts could put Your Food Safety at Risk

How to Take Control of Your Own Food Safety


Fresh Foods and Pesdicide Residues

Farmers Keep Your Food Safe

How to Avoid Food Poisoning at Home

A History of Food Additives

Stop Being the Biggest Cause of Food-Related Illness!

Homemade Baby Food: What You Need to Know

Is It Food Poisoning Or The Stomach Flu?

Room Temperature or Refrigerate: How to Store Common Foods and Leftovers

Food FYI: Should You Wash Your Chicken?

Celebrate Summer Food Safely All Year Long


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