My 1 Week Ketogenic Meal Plan

By recent ASU nutrition student Alysia Nelson

Part of an ongoing series of articles on the Ketogenic Diet


As a Nutrition Student at Arizona State University, I recognize how important a diet is for overall health and wellness. I typically eat a well-balanced diet including organic grass-fed meats, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. I also live a very active lifestyle working, running around with my two dogs, and exercising at least 4-6 times per week. On my previous 1,300 calorie/day meal plan, there was something that I always felt was lacking. Now I know the difference between hunger and appetite, and I knew that I wasn’t satisfied with my food and still felt like I wanted to keep eating. This put me in a vicious cycle of guilt anytime I consumed anything that wasn’t “healthy” even when it was the occasional treat. Upon many hours of research on the ketogenic diet, I decided to try it to share my personal experience with you. Here is what I decided on, a meal plan that was perfect for me. This is the start to my keto journey.

Starting BMI: Normal (20.7)

Starting Weight: 145

Calories/ day: 1,490

Activity Level: Active (gym 5-6 days per week)

Macronutrient Goals: Net Carbohydrates (19g or 5%), Protein (75g or 20%), Fat (124g or 75%)

Beverages consumed during the week duration: At least 1 gallon of water per day.


Breakfast ·         2 cage-free eggs cooked

·         .5 medium avocado

·         2 slices uncured bacon

·         1 tsp ground flaxseed

·         Salt & pepper to taste


495 calories

Snack ·         Whole milk String-cheese

·         4 slices uncured salami

·         .5oz macadamia nuts

302 calories

Lunch ·         1 cup romaine lettuce

·         1 cup spinach

·         .5 tbsp block shredded feta cheese

·         1tbsp sliced almonds

·         1 tbsp oil & vinegar

166 calories

Dinner ·         1 chicken thigh with skin

·         .5cup keto cauliflower mash

·         1tbsp sweet cream butter

·         Salt & pepper to taste

488 calories


Total Calories: 1452 of 1490 goal

Macronutrient Content:

Fat: 122g (77% of 75% goal)

Protein: 63g (18% of 20% goal)

Carbohydrates: 20g (5% of 5% goal)


Breakfast ·         2 eggs cooked

·         .5tbsp unsalted butter

·         2 slices uncured bacon

·         .5 med avocado

413 calories

Snack ·         1 oz homemade keto granola

·         1 Whole milk string cheese

203 calories

Lunch ·         2 servings homemade Keto fathead pepperoni pizza

412 calories

Dinner ·         4 oz ribeye

·         1 cup kale

·         1 tbsp sliced almonds

·         .5 tbsp virgin olive oil

454 calories

Total Calories: 1482 of 1490 goal

Macronutrient Content:

Fat: 155g (76% of 75% goal)

Protein: 83g (18% of 20% goal)

Carbohydrates: 25g (6% of 5% goal)


Breakfast ·         Keto omelet (eggs, spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes, flaxseeds, green bell pepper)

·         2 tbsp unsalted butter

·         Salt & pepper to taste

434 calories

Snacks None eaten
Lunch ·         4 Keto Meatballs

·         1 oz salted macadamia nuts

·         .5oz cream cheese

681 calories

Dinner ·         1 boneless chicken breast

·         2tbsp block shredded cheddar cheese

·         1tbsp sour cream

·         .5 medium avocado

·         Salt & pepper to taste

338 calories

Total Calories: 1453 of 1490 goal

Macronutrient Content:

Fat: 111g (70% of 75% goal)

Protein: 85g (23% of 20% goal)

Carbohydrates: 13g (5% of 5% goal)


Breakfast ·         3 homemade keto cream cheese pancakes

320 calories

Snack None eaten
Lunch ·         4 slices uncured salami

·         8 slices uncured pepperoni

·         1 oz block cheddar cheese

·         1tbsp pumpkin seeds

·         1 tbsp sliced almonds

382 calories

Dinner ·         1 chicken thigh

·         1.5 tbsp salted butter

·         1 cup steamed broccoli

·         2 homemade keto rolls

Total Calories: 1442 of 1490 goal

Macronutrient Content:

Fat: 119g (77% of 75% goal)

Protein: 64g (19% of 20% goal)

Carbohydrates: 15g (4% of 5% goal)


Breakfast ·         3 cage-free hard-boiled eggs

·         Salt & pepper to taste

·         1 oz arugula

·         1 tbsp coconut oil

·         2 slices uncured bacon

581 calories

Snack ·         1 oz almonds

·         1 whole milk string cheese

265 calories

Lunch Not eaten
Dinner ·         Homemade “protein style” burger (beef, sliced cheddar cheese, lettuce)

·         Homemade “spread”

520 calories

Total Calories: 1366 of 1490 goal

Macronutrient Content:

Fat: 113g (74% of 75% goal)

Protein: 69g (20% of 20% goal)

Carbohydrates: 20g (6% of 5% goal)


Breakfast ·         Keto eggs benedict (2 cage-free eggs, homemade hollandaise sauce)

·         2 slices uncured bacon

·         .5 med avocado

694 calories

Snack None Eaten
Lunch ·         2 slices keto cloud bread

·         2 oz natural slow roasted turkey breast

·         1 cup spinach

·         1tbsp homemade keto pesto

·         1 slice pepper jack

·         30g sunflower seeds

486 calories

Dinner ·         4oz, grain-free, boneless chicken breast

·         1 cup steamed cauliflower “rice”

·         .2c homemade keto garlic sauce

Total Calories: 1443 of 1490 goal

Macronutrient Content:

Fat: 116g (71% of 75% goal)

Protein: 80g (22% of 20% goal)

Carbohydrates: 24g (7% of 5% goal)


Breakfast ·         2 cage-free eggs

·         .5 medium avocado

·         1tbsp salted butter


357 calories

Snack None eaten
Lunch ·         Homemade keto “grilled cheese”

803 calories

Dinner ·         4 oz ground turkey

·         1 cup spring mix

·         1tbsp olive oil & vinegar

·         1tbsp sliced almonds

·         .5tbsp salted butter

291 calories

Total Calories: 1451 of 1490 goal

Macronutrient Content:

Fat: 120g (74% of 75% goal)

Protein: 64g (18% of 20% goal)

Carbohydrates: 29g (8% of 5% goal)


After 1 week of following a ketogenic diet, combined with working out, I felt a significant change in energy and mood. I experienced all the symptoms of the “keto flu” and initiated supplementation of magnesium, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids. After balancing my electrolytes, I felt better than I ever had! I also noticed a 10-pound weight loss, however, I noted this to be water weight. I was able to get into ketosis after the first 3 days and had moderate present ketones using urine ketone testing strips. Please note that all results for carbohydrates were total carbohydrates and not net carbohydrates (total carbs-fiber). I calculated these separately and never once went above 20g of net carbs creating an optimal ketosis response. I also felt fuller and satisfied on this diet than I have previously felt following a balanced diet.


While a ketogenic diet can be great for weight loss, it’s a diet that must be researched and understood properly. I suggest anyone wanting to try this diet to consult with their doctor prior and utilize tools, such as myfitness app, to help track macronutrients and micronutrients. For ketogenic recipes, checkout Ketokitchen.


Editor’s Note: Fill Your Plate neither endorses or supports this type of diet, but encourages readers to always consult with your doctor regarding special diets. This series shares one nutrition student’s experiences with the diet.

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