The Healing Power of Honey

By: Alexandra Pettit

Sticky and sweet something everyone loves to eat! Can you guess? That’s right honey! We need to thank the bees for this amazing product. Not only is it something we can eat it also has many uses. Honey can be used for a natural sweetener, for coughs and colds, healing burns, and even to help cure allergies.

You can find honey almost any farmers market. Raw honey is unfiltered unpasteurized and in its pure form can have incredible health benefits. Raw local honey is awesome when you are trying to help with allergies because you are eating honey made with all of the local pollen. Just a few tablespoons a day and you will be feeling better in no time.

Honey is also helpful when it comes to coughs and colds. Many make their own homemade cough syrup. My grandpa would make this for my mom when she was sick and my mom did the same for me and my siblings.

Grandpas Cough Syrup

2 Oz. Bourbon Whisky

½ lemon, juiced (about 2 Oz.)

2-4 Oz. water (optional)

2 TBS. Honey

Mix Bourbon, lemon juice and water (if using) in a tumbler or mug and heat in the microwave for about 45 seconds. Take out and add the honey. Whisk to combine, then microwave for an additional 45 seconds. Best at a warm temperature drink slowly.

It is also helpful when it comes to burns and cuts. Honey acts as a natural wound seal and makes the body think it is healthy skin. It also helps to reduce pain. Honey has powerful antibacterial properties that help keep the area clean.  So next time you get a cut or burn just spread some honey on the area and let it do its magic. Just remember to change the area about 3 times a day.

Honey works as a great moisturizer and can be applied directly on the skin. It is also used to help fight acne with its antibacterial powers it has the ability to clear up acne.  Adding honey to your skin care routine can change your life. Just leave it on for 30 minutes a day and expect to see a change within two weeks.

Honey is also a wonderful natural sweetener and a great alternative for regular sugar.  But when using honey just remember sugar is sugar natural or not, and a little goes a long way. Here is one of my favorite snack recipes using honey in the place of marshmallows.

Honey Cereal Treats

½ Cup honey

½ Cup Peanut butter or almond butter

4 Cups of cereal ( best with rice crispy or cheerios)

Mix honey and peanut butter (or almond butter). Place in a saucepan. Heat and continue to stir until mix begins to boil. Turn off heat and add in the 4 cups of cereal. Mix together till all is coated in honey peanut butter mixture. Place in a 9X9 dish. Press down till packed. Let harden and enjoy!


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