Tailgating Overhaul

By Kat Brown, Recent ASU Nutrition Student

Tailgating is an American tradition that brings fans together. Nothing says tailgating like throwing some protein on the grill and opening a bag of chips. Those calories can start to add up quick and unless you plan on strapping on a uniform and running down the field those extra calories could start to show. ABC News reported that the average American consumes 2,400 calories during the Super Bowl! Support your team and feed your friends with some of these healthy alternatives this football season.

On the Grill

There are tons of options when it comes to grilling. If you cannot go without your traditional burger then try to choose a lower fat beef option. If you are willing to try something else swap out the traditional burger for a black bean burger. There are tons of pre-made black bean burgers to choose from or you can even make your own the night before. Making your own allows you to add whatever you like and control the portion size. You could also opt for leaner meats like ground turkey for a burger or even make tuna burgers!

Wrap It Up

Skip the bun and go protein style. Use sturdy iceberg lettuce to wrap your sandwiches instead of bread. You can also use a variety of veggies like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, or portabellas to hold your sandwich together. Check out some of these alternatives here. If you are not willing to ditch the bread opt for a whole grain option that is thinner. You can even throw your vegetable buns on the grill to get a nice crisp texture.

Chip Swap

Use cold crisp vegetables for dipping instead of chips. Provide healthy dips like hummus and Pico de Gallo and use celery and red peppers to dip. For a warm alternative cut a head of romaine lettuce in half, brush each side with olive oil, salt, and pepper and grill until grill marks are visible. Then cut into one-inch pieces and use as dipping devices!

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