Keep it Cool in the Kitchen

By Laura Slatalla, recent ASU Nutrition Student

Have you found yourself sweating before dinner was finished? Yikes! Preparing a well-balanced meal sounds unappealing in the Arizona heat. The kitchen heats up fast and cranking up the air conditioning is expensive. Take a peek at these tips to keep your kitchen cool all summer!


  1. Use appliances other than the stove or oven: It’s time to bust out all those small counter top appliances and get creative! Panini griller? Crock pot? Toaster oven? These will generate less heat and can expand your recipes.


  1. Improve air circulation: Bring a fan into the kitchen while you work or open the windows in the evening.


  1. Prep in the morning: It’s cooler in the morning, and prepping allows you to spend smaller bursts of time in the kitchen. Stove top items can be cooked and cooled in the refrigerator for later.


  1. Get outside: BBQ’s and picnics on the weekends are excellent ways to enjoy time outside and relax. There isn’t as much cleanup in the kitchen either!


  1. Steam veggies in the microwave: Some vegetables steam right in the bag, or you can purchase a microwave steamer. Sides are super easy and won’t heat up your kitchen.



  1. Serve a cold meal: A cold vegetable tray, fruit salad, sandwiches, or fresh salads are quick, nutritious, and cool! Taking a break from cooking is a relief, and there are plenty of meals that just require a little slicing and prep.


Don’t let the summer heat stifle your creativity or health goals! Good luck keeping your kitchen cool the rest of this summer!

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