8 Healthy Snacks to Keep in Your Dorm Room

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

Whether you are starting your first semester of college, or your last, things can be hectic. From having a packed schedule, to working, to trying to keep up with friends, it can be hard to get a snack in, or a meal for that matter! If you are living in a dorm room it can be even harder to keep a healthy diet because of space constraints.

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You might only have a mini-fridge and the space under your bed to keep snacks, and it may seem like there’s not enough space to store anything at all. But with careful planning and organization skills, you can keep the tastiest and healthiest snacks!

  1. Always keep some healthy granola bars around. Stash the little box under your bed, in a drawer, or keep them out and on your desk for on-the-go grabbing. Granola bars are a great ‘secret weapon’ when it comes to snacking. Just make sure they aren’t the kind full of chocolate chips, marshmallows and sugar.
  2. Keep fruit around your dorm room for another easy on-the-go snack option! When you go to the store, grab some apples, bananas, oranges, and even kiwis! All of these fruits don’t typically need to be refrigerated, so to store them you can arrange them in a cool bowl and use it as a desk decoration! Without a bunch of fruit in the fridge you’ve got some space for other snacks.
  3. Yogurt comes in some pretty small packaging, so it doesn’t take up too much space in the refrigerator. Just buy what you think you’re going to eat for the week, so there is no extra yogurt hogging the shelves. Try mixing it up by stocking your fridge with Greek yogurt. It has half the carbs and twice as much protein as normal yogurt.
  4. Make your own guacamole! College students are notorious for loving guacamole, but buying the pre-packaged stuff can come with a lot of extra sugar and sodium. Just grab a bowl and a fork, mash an avocado, add some diced tomato, and any other ingredients you like. Making your own guacamole also gives you the opportunity to try out different flavor combinations, and customize to your own taste.
  5. Veggies are another great snack if you’ve got a little room in your fridge. Keep a little bag of baby carrots and a small package of hummus for dipping, or cut up a cucumber and sprinkle the slices with seasoned salt. I always have a bag of bite sized sweet peppers on hand and dip them in a light ranch dressing.
  6. Nuts are an easy snack to store, and they are great for when you need a little something to get you through finishing your homework. Store their container under your bed, on your desk, on a shelf in the closet, or on top of the fridge. Also, keep a pack of sandwich bags on hand so you can portion out some nuts and take them with you.
  7. Sting cheese is my all-time favorite grab-and-go option, especially because they take up almost no space in a fridge. They are super easy to eat while you are walking to your next class, and they will keep your tummy satisfied until lunch.

Where there is a will, there is a way; and there is a way for you to snack healthy while living in a dorm room. Utilize every crevice of space under your bed, every drawer in your desk, and every shelf in your closet. With planning, you will definitely have more room than you thought.

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