Get Cooking with Green Beans

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

Did you know that we grow green beans here in Arizona? They grow from June to October, and you’re going to want to grab some while they’re still in season!

100 grams of green beans is only 31 calories, and 27% of your daily recommended value of vitamin C. They also contain lots of vitamins A and K.

If you are looking to add more fiber or protein to your diet, then green beans are for you! 100 grams of this tasty veggie provide you with about 1.8 grams of protein.

Did you know that raw green beans are a little bit toxic? If you toss raw beans into a salad or gnaw on some straight from the garden, you will be fine. Just don’t go eating buckets of them raw in one sitting.

Now that you know a little bit about green beans, I’m ready to ‘spill the beans’ and share with you some of my favorite bean recipes. Enjoy!


  1. Balsamic Green Beans with Pine Nuts
  2. Southern Green Beans
  3. Roasted Green Beans
  4. Honey Bacon Green Bean Bundles
  5. Green Bean Salad
  6. Crisp Pickled Green Beans
  7. Garlic Green Beans
  8. Corn and Green Bean Casserole
  9. Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes
  10. Sesame Roasted Green Beans
  11. Green Bean and Mushroom Medley
  12. Fried Green Beans
  13. The Best Green Bean Casserole
  14. Green Beans in Sour Cream
  15. Szechuan Green Beans
  16. Lamb Stew with Green Beans

What are your favorite green bean recipes? Leave them in the comments! For more veggie recipes and blogs visit Fill Your Plate.

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