Five Goals That Will Help You Develop A Healthy Lifestyle

By Kennadee Riggs, AZFB Communications Intern


Are you wanting to develop a healthier lifestyle this year? Whether it be physically or mentally, here are five resolutions and goals you can adopt that will aid you in your journey of bettering yourself!


  1. Get more quality sleep

A good night’s rest reaps many health benefits. It improves productivity and concentration, diminishes excessive appetites, lowers risk of heart disease, and helps dull the effects of depression. Set a measurable goal, like a certain amount of hours you will sleep each night. As soon as you commit to a good nightly snooze, you will start to see the benefits unfold. 


  1. Spend more time outside

Soaking up some sunshine not only boosts your Vitamin D levels, but also your emotions! Being outdoors also improves eyesight. Increasing outside time also helps regulate body temperature, and according to Stanford Medicine, improves sleep too!


  1. Cut down on screen time

It has been scientifically proven that not only taking time away from your phone, but taking time away from social media, reduces stress, anxiety and depression levels. Putting your phone down also increases concentration levels. A recent study proved that taking a break from a difficult task to look at the phone actually tires out the brain more. On top of all of this, social skills are much more highly functioning when screentime is cut to a minimum. Take some time to unplug, it will help you unwind too!


  1. Include more produce in your diet

Not only are fruits and vegetables low in sugar and saturated fat, but they are rich in essential vitamins. They are also very fibrous which creates the feeling of being ‘full’. They encourage healthy digestion and overall help you feel energized throughout the day. Aside from all of this, there are so many delicious options that are enjoyable to eat anyway.


  1. Develop a new hobby

Research has gone on to prove that people are far less likely to develop stress, depression or anxiety when they have hobbies. Learning a new skill stimulates the brain to keep progressing. This also helps improve productivity and concentration. All the while, finding a new hobby can be fun! Pick a skill to learn and watch yourself blossom. 

Everything starts with a first step! So get out there and move towards a new and improved ‘you’ by applying one of these resolutions, and let us know how you do by tagging us on social media at @Fill_Your_Plate_ . For more articles like this, check out our blog at .

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