Exercise and Building Immunity

By Gabrielle Hungate a recent ASU Nutrition Student

With the world experiencing a pandemic, unlike anything we have ever seen in our lifetime, many people are focusing more on their immune system than they ever have before. Many people around the globe are grasping at anything they can get their hands on to build their immune system. There are many important ways to do, such as a healthy diet and vitamins, washing hands and keeping stress levels down.  A very easy way to help build a strong immune system is a simple exercise. In light of this pandemic, all of the gyms that most of us frequent, have closed. The hardest time to exercise are times like now, we are not motivated to get up and go.



Exercise is not only good for your immune system but also helpful with other issues like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Currently, scientists are trying to figure out the next step in whether exercise affects someone’s susceptibility to infection directly, it will indirectly affect your immune system as well. Exercise helps to alleviate stress, and this is a key factor in assisting the immune system. When we are chronically stressed out, the immune system struggles to fight off antigens and this makes us more susceptible to viruses and infection. This stress can also cause unhealthy coping strategies such as drinking and smoking, which also can compromise our immune system.



Right now, many of us are homebound and not many places to go to and the last thing on our minds are getting on a bike or going out on a walk. This is a more crucial time then ever. With the lingering crisis evolving, stress levels and depression are skyrocketing. Throughout the day, it should a focus that sometime throughout the day you will do something active. This also enables us to get out of our homes and feel as though we are still part of a greater picture.



In the morning, after breakfast, take a 30-minute walk to prepare you for the day, listen to music watches the birds and feel the wind on your face. Use it as a time to connect with yourself and the world around you. After dinner, take another 20-minute walk to end the day and watch the sunset. This will elevate your heart rate and get you in the world. If walking is not an option, get on a bike and start riding a bike again, put music on at home and dance for 30 minutes. All of this healthy and will do nothing but benefit your health, physically, mentally and spiritually.


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