Eat and Drink Your Dairy

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

This article is the fifth installment of a series

Part 1: Eat Your Veggies

Part 2: Eat Your Fruits

Part 3: Eat Your Grains

Part 4: Eat Your Proteins

11 MARCH 2003 -- BUCKEYE, ARIZONA: A Holstein calves at the Triple G Dairy in Buckeye, AZ, March 11, 2003. The Triple G is one the most technologically advanced dairies in Arizona. More than 3,000 cows per day are milked at the dairy on two rotating carousels which hold 48 cows a piece. PHOTO BY JACK KURTZ



Dairy is a huge part of my diet. I drink milk like crazy, have a yogurt with my lunch every day, and I seem to always be snacking on cheese. We get most of our calcium, which we all know helps to keep bones nice and strong, from dairy products.

With so many quality dairies here in Arizona, there is no excuse to not have at least one glass of milk a day. To get you started on your dairy journey, I made a list of some informative Fill Your Plate articles that you might want to take a look at:

  1. An Open Letter to Dairy Cows
  2. Are you Getting Enough Dairy in Your Diet?
  3. Is White Milk Healthier than Chocolate?
  4. Celebrate Dairy Month with Your Arizona Dairy Farmers
  5. 15 Interesting Dairy Facts
  6. Get Your Daily Dose of Dairy
  7. Delicious Ways to use Arizona Dairy
  8. Producing Milk is more than just Milking Cows
  9. We Love Cheese made from Arizona Milk!
  10. Interesting Facts About Arizona Milk

After you’ve checked out these articles, go grab a glass of milk. There are lots of local-to-Arizona options out there! Also, make sure to keep checking back with Fill Your Plate for new articles featuring information on dairy products.

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