Interesting Facts About Arizona Milk!

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

Click here to watch this video about an Arizona Dairy family with a passion for what they do!

Now, more than ever, you have a chance to meet some of the young Arizona milk producers producing your healthy, nutritious milk.

Arizona Milk Producers, the marketing arm of the Dairy Council of Arizona, has done a good job promoting this state’s milk industry over the years. Their core message — milk, cheese and yogurt! 3 servings everyday for healthy bones and teeth — has a familiar ring to it. And they’re introducing some of their young producers to the Arizona community.

Their most recent endeavor involves a video they created of the Bill Kerr Dairy. The video features Wes Kerr, a fourth-generation Arizona dairy farmer. A must see video. Watching the video you get a real sense of the family’s passion for what they do. Find out the generational connection between their family and the dairy farm. If you want to understand more about the dairy industry in this state, this video is a good place to start.

Arizona Milk Producers has more videos in the works. We’ll keep you posted on the new ones being released.

Click to watch City Slicker, the Udder Story.

And, if you want to get a city slicker’s take on the Arizona Dairy industry, you’ve got to watch City Slicker: The Udder Story video produced by Arizona Farm Bureau. The Boyle cousins run Casa Grande Dairy Company and represent another long-standing dairy family in Arizona.

Jim Boyle, a Ph.D., husband and father of 2, tells his generational story during a presentation at Arizona State University. If you watch this video you’ll discover that the Boyles are dedicated to the dairy industry, serious about the care of their animals and believe it’s also a lifestyle choice. You learn how the Boyles and other Arizona dairy families adapted their operations to the arid southwest.

So, if you want to know more about the Arizona Dairy industry, it’s all right here. You can learn so much by just watching these videos. Plus, you can have peace of mind about how carefully and nutritiously Arizona Dairy families are producing your milk, cheese and yogurt.

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