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Have you gotten your daily dose of dairy today? If not, you are missing out on the many healthy benefits dairy products can offer. Getting your daily dose of dairy plays an important role in a healthy diet because dairy products are packed with calcium, potassium, and protein. Drinking milk and eating cheese, butter, yogurt, and even ice cream can help you manage your weight and keep your bones strong throughout your life. Every day that you get your daily dose of dairy you are stocking up on 9 essential nutrients and providing your body with the building blocks it needs to maintain healthy skin and strong muscles.

June is National Dairy Month and The Dairy Council of Arizona is working hard to raise awareness about the role dairy products play in a healthy diet and the local Arizona dairy industry. Many Arizona residents don’t realize that there are more than 100 dairy farms located throughout the state and that together these farms produce more than 1.5 million gallons of milk a day.   As part of National Dairy Month, the Arizona Dairy Council is encouraging Arizonians to show their appreciation for the local farmers and ranchers that make the Arizona Dairy industry possible. You can meet some of the families that own and operate the dairy farms of Arizona here on the Arizona Dairy Council website.

One of the ways the Arizona Dairy Council is celebrating this month is with a giveaway that also gives back. Families can enter to win “Moo-velous” prizes like farm tour passes, and free dairy certificates that will be given out daily all month long. Entering will also make you eligible to win the grand prize which includes a $250 gift card for groceries. To enter, simply fill out the form on the Arizona Dairy Council website.

But this isn’t just a giveaway….it is also a chance to give back. For each entry into the monthly contest, Shamrock Farms, which is one of the biggest dairy operations in the Southwest, will donate one serving of milk to the Great American Milk Drive. The Great American Milk Drive, which is sponsored by the National Dairy Council, is an initiative aimed at increasing donations of healthy milk and dairy products to local food banks. You can donate to the Milk Drive without entering the contest, but simply by entering you are increasing access to healthy dairy products for those families who rely on the local food bank.

Here are some other great ways to celebrate and participate in National Dairy Month.

  • Watch this video from the Arizona Dairy Council that shows the journey Arizona Milk makes From Farm to Table.
  • Watch this video that explains how taking care of the animals on a dairy farm helps ensure high quality milk for consumers like you.
  • Learn more about National Dairy Month and the Daily Dose of Dairy

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