Carrots Are Marching into Season!

By Bailey Roden, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

It’s finally March and spring is quickly approaching. A lot of wonderful produce has come into season this month but one, in particular, is carrots. The tasty orange treat is filling the plates on kitchen tables in a variety of different ways. Whether they are raw or steamed, they always have a great taste. The Fill Your Plate Blog is full of wonderful and informative articles all about carrots!

The Rousseau family from Arizona is known for growing the best carrots!

The articles found on Fill Your Plate are:

A list of all the wonderful things carrots can do could go on forever. Be sure to add carrots to your plate this season! If you want to pick up some fresh, locally-grown carrots check out a farmer’s market near you! For more informative articles check out the Fill Your Plate blog. New articles are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Or if you’re looking for a new recipe to bring to the dinner table check out Fill Your Plate’s recipe section.

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