Arizona Apples are in Season

By Alexandra Pettit, AZFB Communications Intern

Happy fall everyone, apples are in season and are ready to be eaten. Fill Your Plate has wonderful recipes and health-related articles on apples. Just remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away!



Dressing up tasty leftovers: apple & carrot salad

An Apple a Day…

Quick and Easy Applesauce

Crispy Arizona Apples Will Wake You Up in the Morning!

Don’t Forget the Apple Pie this Christmas!

Arizona Apples Start Your Day Off Right!

It’s Apple Season in Arizona

50 Fun Ways to Use Apples

Apples, Apples, Everywhere….Arizona Apples

Autumn is All About Apples

USDA Releases New Maps Identifying Major Crop Producing Areas: Apples

An Apple a Day – Celebrating the Apple Harvest

Arizona Apples: Yum!

10 Fun Facts about Candy Apples

Farm Fresh Apple Cider Flows at Brown’s Orchard

Celebrate the Holidays with Apples

Farm-fresh goodness grows at Apple Annie’s

Looking for some recipes to make to impress the whole family check out the recipe section. Check out our in-season produce section, this helps keep food prices economical.

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