Autumn is All About Apples

Read about all the delicious things you can do with apples this fall (photo credit:

Read about all the delicious things you can do with apples this fall (photo credit:

If you are looking for a fun, family-friendly activity this autumn, apple picking can be just the thing to get everyone outside enjoying the fall sunshine.  Despite the desert climate of much of the state, there are parts of Arizona that are perfect for growing apples.  We are fortunate to have a long harvest which started back in August and runs through the end of this month.  Many of the commercial orchards are located in the southeastern part of the state but odds are good that you can find a place to pick your own close enough to home to make it worth the drive.

Not interested in picking them yourselves?  Take a trip to the local farmer’s market and you are sure to find a wide range of just ripened apples to pick from.  Ask your local grocery store if they have any locally grown apples in stock and if they don’t, request them.  Many big grocery stores are making the move to source more produce locally because of customer demand.  When you buy local, everyone wins.

You may not think apple picking is your thing because you aren’t sure what you will do with all those apples.  Never fear!  Your friends here at Fill Your Plate have a bunch of recipes ready to help you find delicious ways to use apples in every meal.

Looking for a pick your own option or a farm stand near you that offers apples?  Here are some farm bureau members that offer apples in a variety of ways.

Can’t find a farm close enough?  Check this listing of farmer’s markets from Fill Your Plate for a farmer’s market in your area. 

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