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Tractor Sales Higher Despite Drought

According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, sales of farm tractors were about 15 percent higher in August compared to one year ago. Just over 14,000 tractors were sold across the nation in August. Combine sales were up just over … Continue reading

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What Produce Digs Dry Weather?

Across the agricultural industry, this year has been more bane than boon. There is one crop, however, that is thriving despite such desolate, dry weather conditions, pumpkins.

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Stressed Out? Try Yogurt

Despite the fact that your body is telling you to grab a candy bar when you’re stressed out, new research from the University of Cork in Ireland indicates that you should actually be reaching for something completely different, yogurt.

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Eat Right and Help Stop Diabetes in its Tracks

There is no question that one of the greatest health threats of our time is the diabetes epidemic which already impacts 26 million Americans.  In addition to those already diagnosed with Type II diabetes, there are another 79 million with … Continue reading

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Make a date to enjoy new Yuma festival

Though you wouldn’t think of the Old West as a place to find a traditional treat of the Middle East, the Yuma area is the world’s largest producer of gourmet Medjool dates – long known as the fruit of kings.

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