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How Climate Change is Affecting Our Farmers – The Challenges

The success of farms and ranches has always been impacted by the whims of the weather.  Variability from year to year in rainfall and temperature can significantly impact how much of each crop farms can produce which has a direct … Continue reading

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Resilience of American Agriculture: Innovation, Diversity, & Growing Markets

  The drought of 2012 is the most serious to impact U.S. agriculture since 1988. The illustrations help show the resiliency of the US agriculture sector and how it is better positioned today to endure this natural disaster.  

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What Factors Impact Food Prices? Part 2

In the first part of this series, we talked about how production and weather impact the price of our food. Now, let’s look at another of the factors that we don’t hear about as much but that can actually have a more substantial impact on how much it will cost to fill our plates.

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What Produce Digs Dry Weather?

Across the agricultural industry, this year has been more bane than boon. There is one crop, however, that is thriving despite such desolate, dry weather conditions, pumpkins.

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Day of Prayer for Those Affected by Drought

This Thursday, Aug. 23, the American Farm Bureau Federation will be asking Americans to remember the many individuals and families facing severe struggles due to this year’s devastating drought. Suggestions for a National Day of Prayer for Drought Victims have … Continue reading

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