Zucchini – A Versatile and Nutritious Veggie!

By Heide Kennedy, Arizona Farm Bureau Communications Intern

My mom absolutely loves gardening, especially in the summer. Each spring when she starts to plant her summer garden, she always makes sure to grow lots of rows of zucchini. Not only does it thrive and produce an overabundance of zucchini, but it’s also a delicious, nutritious, and very versatile squash to cook with.


Don’t miss out on these fresh in season vegetables for the summer! (photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com)

According to registered dietician Alina Petre, zucchini is a great source of nutrients, all while being low in calories. It is full of vitamin A and antioxidants and might benefit heart health, blood sugar levels, digestion, and vision.

When it comes to cooking with zucchini, the possibilities are endless. It can be used in sweets such as zucchini bread, cookies, or muffins, julienned for a low-carb pasta alternative, or it can always be grilled, roasted, or sauteed as a delicious side dish!

Zucchini grows very well here in our Arizona climate. Try growing some yourself or look for locally grown zucchini next time you’re at the store or farmers market!

For some yummy zucchini recipes, check these out from Fill Your Plate! These zucchini recipes are numerous and diverse.

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