One Day at a Time

By Cameron Saylor, Recent Arizona State University Nutrition Student 


Each day, I hear people say things like, “No, I can’t eat that” or “It has to be sugar-free”. I think it’s time that we make a change by creating a more positive light around what we do and do not eat.


The key is not to focus on getting rid of negative habits but rather to ADD positive habits over time. Adding these positive habits little by little will take you from saying ‘no, I can’t’ to ‘I’ve got something better in mind’.

It is time to STOP focusing on getting rid of negative foods but rather to focus on adding positive foods in their place. It is that simple. Just make one positive change each day. Over time you can increase the amount of changes that you make and even set goals for yourself in regards to your personal nutrition and healthy lifestyle.


What does this look like?


By adding one good food per meal, you can make a positive change in your diet and watch the pounds come off, your energy increase and your life begin to change. Replace that bag of chips with an apple or banana. Drink water or milk instead of juice or soda. These simple lifestyle shifts can be great for you and the whole family.


How can I make a simple change right now?


One of the simplest ways to include a positive change in your daily life is to choose water over any other beverage. This may seem difficult but it doesn’t have to be.


Try this:


Place a glass of water next to your bed tonight and tomorrow morning make it a point to drink the entire glass of water while you are getting ready for the day.


Or try this:


Make it a point to order a salad instead of soup or French fries at your next meal.

Have trouble with sweets? Try baking your own delicious snacks with wholegrain flour and fresh fruit. Store bought sweets often contain many ingredients used to extend shelf life and often contain more calories than their homemade counterparts.


It is never too late to make a positive change in your life.





Try switching out these highly processed foods for more wholesome and nourishing options. Your body will thank you.


Chips for fresh veggies

Ice cream for frozen yogurt

Cookies for fresh fruit

Soda for water or milk

For more healthy lifestyle tips, healthy and nutritious recipes, and health advice from nutrition professionals visit Fill Your Plate!


About the Author

My name is Cameron Saylor and I am a senior at Arizona State University.  I currently live in the farm-to-fork capital of the nation, Sacramento with my wife and our two rescue dogs.  When I am not in the kitchen meal-prepping or reading a recipe, I can be found reading the latest research study on all things food. I enjoy learning about food history and putting my own spin on traditional recipes.  At the forefront of my values are helping others and living a healthy lifestyle. Through education and hard work, I hope to spread my knowledge of healthful eating to everyone that I can. After college, my hope is to start my career in the world of nutrition and health.

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