Dietitian Shares Her Take on Drinking Hot Water

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Outreach Director

A long-time friend of mine loves water for her beverage choice. She doesn’t do soda, not caffeinated drinks and she really doesn’t even like the occasional glass of wine. But offer her water with a slice of lemon and she’s all over the offer.

So, my friend might be all over the latest claim that hot water has its benefits too. Registered dietitian Beth Czerwony says not enough research exists to support the claim that drinking hot water helps with digestion and alleviating congestion. However, Czerwony doesn’t discourage drinking hot water, especially if it helps a person stay hydrated.

In a recent article from Cleveland Clinics “Health Essentials,” the health claims addressing hot water are looked at and insights from Czerwony are given.

I’m with Dietician Czerwony, if you enjoy hot water, especially with some lemon, drink it for hydration. For my friend, I’m thinking she may add this to her drinking options.

Hydrating in the peak of summer in Arizona is so vitally important. Iced water is a great cool down if you are outside.

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