Beat the Post-Meal Slump with Some Movement

By Heide Kennedy, Arizona Farm Bureau Communications Intern

We all know the feeling. You’ve just eaten lunch, are sitting back in your chair, and after a few minutes, you begin to feel incredibly tired. This is what is called the midday slump, and if we’re being honest, sometimes after this hits, it’s hard to feel motivated to continue on with your day’s tasks. But it turns out that getting a little activity in after a meal can actually help to counteract these feelings.

According to registered dietician L. J. Amaral, the reason that getting in some movement after a meal helps to keep you going strong is because the activity helps to balance your blood sugar. After we eat, especially if it is a meal that was comprised of a lot of carbs or sugars, our bloodstream is filled with glucose. To avoid this spike in your blood sugar, walking or getting in some kind of movement makes your body burn up some of that glucose, as it is what fuels our tissues, organs, and muscles.

To balance your blood sugar the most effectively, Amaral suggests getting in movement 30 minutes after eating, moving at a moderate aerobic pace, for a duration of anywhere from 30-120 minutes. While walking is the easiest form of activity, swimming, yoga, Pilates, and bike riding, among others are also good options for movement.

So, try getting some exercise after your next meal and see if it can help you beat that post-meal slump!

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