An Arizona Grown Thanksgiving Dinner

By Heide Kennedy, Arizona Farm Bureau Communications Intern

Did you know that many of the ingredients that go into preparing your Thanksgiving dinner are grown or raised locally here in Arizona? What would be cooler than being able to tell your guests that the meal that you made was made with fresh produce, meats, and dairy grown right here in your own home state?

Thanksgiving Turkey

Besides Turkey, we have other local meat protein options. (photo credit:

In addition to having that big, juicy turkey, why not serve some ham, another holiday classic, that you can get from The Pork Shop? Or, add some beef to the menu with some steaks or a roast from Arizona Grass Raised Beef! All holiday meats you can find locally on Fill Your Plate.

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without all the many side dishes to go along with that turkey, ham, or roast. Produce such as broccoli, carrots, lettuce, and winter squash are all in season around this holiday time! Peruse a local farmers market, or look for produce labeled as Arizona grown at your grocery store!

Now for the part of the meal that everyone looks forward to but never has room for! There are many ways to incorporate Arizona-grown foods into your dessert menu. Take for example the iconic thanksgiving dessert, pumpkin pie. Buy a locally grown pumpkin, make your own pumpkin filling, use locally raised eggs from Hickman’s, and top it all off with homemade whipped cream using Shamrock’s heavy whipping cream!

Who knew that so many of the foods that we serve on our tables around the holidays are actually grown locally? So, as you are preparing your menu for your delicious Thanksgiving dinner and shopping for the ingredients, consider making it even more delicious by choosing locally grown products!

Want some recipe ideas or more information on what is produced here in Arizona and where you can find it, check out the Fill Your Plate website!

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