“Yucky” Veggies Made Yummy!

Let’s be honest. Some vegetables are just downright unappealing. Even for me, a huge vegetable fan, there are still vegetables that are hard to choke down, namely beets and radishes. But, what if there was a way to make these less than tasty vegetables actually enjoyable to eat? According to registered dietician nutritionist Kelly Kennedy, many of these vegetables that we don’t enjoy eating are actually jam-packed with nutrients, so here are her suggestions on some methods to prepare these veggies and make them tastier. Fresh Organic Vegetables In Wicker Basket In The Garden

Roast them

For hard vegetables such as brussels sprouts or radishes, she suggests roasting them in the oven with some olive oil and seasonings, as this often mellows out the natural bitterness in vegetables.

Use them raw

Some vegetables like zucchini often get mushy and watery when cooked, which can be very unappealing to some. Kennedy suggests finding ways to eat these kinds of vegetables raw, such as spiralizing them for veggie noodles.

Mix with other veggies

For bland vegetables, try mixing them with other more flavorful vegetables. That way you are still reaping the nutritional benefits of that bland veggie, but the flavor is much more appetizing.

Stuff them
Large vegetables whose insides can be hollowed slightly to make a boat are perfect for stuffing with other vegetables, meats, cheese or any other fillings you might like.

Just because some vegetables aren’t necessarily the most delicious, it doesn’t mean we should banish them from our plates completely, because many of them are very good for us. Instead, look for different cooking methods that will make them much tastier. Who knows, your least favorite veggie might become your new favorite!

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