What’s In Season Smoothies

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

It’s weird to think about making smoothies in the winter months, but they can be a delicious and nutritional breakfast or snack! With what’s in season in November, December and January, you might even WANT to have one of these chilly treats every morning.

In the winter, ingredients such as grapefruits, spinach, beets, carrots and lemons are in season, and although those ingredients together might not sound all that appealing, when put in the right order, they can make unbelievable smoothies. Here is a little list of all the nutrient packed smoothies featuring winter’s yield that you can make in your own home to get your day going!

Orange And Raspberry Smoothies ,Close Up

Spinach Smoothies:

  1. Going Green Smoothie
  2. Sweet Spinach Smoothie
  3. Green Power Mojito Smoothie

Beet Smoothies:

  1. Beet and Berries Smoothie
  2. Beet, Strawberry, Cranberry Smoothie
  3. Beet Red-Raspberry Smoothie

Carrot Smoothies:

  1. Cabbage, Peach and Carrot Smoothie
  2. Carrot Smoothie
  3. Carrot Apple Smoothie

Grapefruit Smoothies:

  1. Grapefruit Smoothie
  2. Strawberry Grapefruit Smoothie
  3. Orange and Pink Grapefruit Smoothie

Lemon Smoothies:

  1. Raspberry Lemon Smoothie
  2. Sour Smoothie
  3. Lemon Cream Pie Smoothie


If you’re still wondering about what’s in season in Arizona during the winter, or you just want more tasty recipes with these ingredients, head on over to fillyourplate.org for more! Select our “Arizona Produce in Season” link and discover our fun seasonal charts!

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