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Get to Know these Neglected Grains

When was the last time you had some buckwheat bread?  How about a millet muffin or a quinoa cupcake?  In all likelihood, the answer to all of these is never.  In fact, if you are like most Americans, you may … Continue reading

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World Hunger: 7 Billion Hungry Mouths to Feed

July 11 is World Population Day, an awareness event that was established in 1989 by the United Nations intent on garnering attention for issues related to the world’s population and world hunger.  As the number of people inhabiting our planet … Continue reading

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Global Food Prices Continue Rising

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, global food prices increased for the second month in a row. Bad weather in several countries that export food staples is the primary reason for the increase. The FAO’s price index was up … Continue reading

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Focus on Agriculture: Cutting Farm Programs Would be a Pyrrhic Victory

Focus on agriculture – Most of the programs in the farm bill will expire next year and the debate over a new farm bill has begun.

Spending cuts will be needed. Congress must bring down the federal debt.

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The Pressure is On to Feed a Growing World

Self sufficiency is, of course, part of the answer, but families producing to feed only themselves will guarantee they are perpetually poor and will only insure famine when disruptions occur beyond the control of the family.

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