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Arizona Food Favorites, the Burrito

There are many legends about the origin of the burrito. My favorite suggests that the wrapped sandwich, traditionally of seasoned meat and beans, came from Mexico with miners who hoped to strike it rich during the California Gold Rush of … Continue reading

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Arugula, the Healthy Little Green

Arugula is the spicy, peppery little leaf with the funny name. Some say it tastes bitter, others describe the flavor as ‘earthy’. However you describe its taste, this little leaf – with its intense green and its dandelion-leaf shape – … Continue reading

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Root Crops, Some of Arizona’s Best Produce

Root crops like potatoes, rutabagas, and turnips are probably the reason humanity has survived into the 21st Century. Before there were cultivated roots, humans dug, stored, and ate roots, notably the roots of lilies like Trout Lily and daylilies. In … Continue reading

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What’s in Season in March?

Spring is here and that means you will start to see even more fabulously fresh locally grown fruits and veggies available at local farmers markets.  Commit to eating more local products this month to celebrate the farmers and ranchers that … Continue reading

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Little Known Facts about Pepperoni

The second week in February is Great American Pizza Bake week, and America’s favorite pizza topping is pepperoni! In fact, 50 percent of all pizzas ordered across this great nation include the spicy rounds of pork as their absolutely fav … Continue reading

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