Splurge on a Diet Without Feeling Guilty

By Heide Kennedy, Arizona Farm Bureau Communications Intern

Whenever you or someone you know starts to follow a diet, often in our minds we think of restriction of the foods that we eat, such as no more sugar at all, no chips, no sodas, and more. We are also thinking of replacing all those foods with lots and lots of vegetables.  While that is definitely a part of dieting, is it possible to still enjoy a treat every now and then while still maintaining a diet?

According to registered dietician Maya Vadiveloo, dieting is mainly about eating well and avoiding junk food most of the time and reducing our treats and junk food to just being eaten very occasionally. So even though you started a diet and are trying to eat healthier, you don’t need to feel guilty if you splurge on a dessert or junk food snack every now and then.

Also, registered dietician Sarah-Jane Bedwell suggests adding in some extra physical activity if you feel as though your treat added a few more calories than you wanted to consume. So, consider adding a few extra minutes to your daily walk or run to counteract some of those extra calories that you ate!

Finally, registered dietician Elizabeth Ward says that when you pick out your treat or snack, to also choose one that still offers some nutritional benefits. Look for less sugar, more protein, more fiber, and less carbohydrates and fat if possible. Nutrition labels are a great place to look if you’re wondering about the nutrition content of your food item!

While dieting is about reducing the amount of junk foods and treats that we eat, you don’t have to restrict yourself completely. Just eat healthfully most of the time, get in your physical activity, and you can enjoy a sweet or snack every now and then without feeling guilty!

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