Recipes You Can Enjoy With Your Horse

By Kennadee Riggs, AZFB Communications Intern


It’s fun to share treats with our four-legged equine friends. Thankfully, there are many things both they and we can eat. Here are some easy recipes for horse treats that you can also enjoy!


No-Bake Horsie Rice Crispies

A sweet, sticky delight that both you and your trusty steed will love.


Apple-Oat Mini Cakes 

Small, fluffy cakes of yumminess made of nutritious ingredients!


Pumpkin Cookies

Scrumptious little bites of heaven for both the horse and rider!


Horse-Friendly Macarons

A delicious, fibrous treat to take on the go.


Oatmeal-Banana Bites

These delectable little morsels are not only tasty, but healthily beneficial as well. 


For more like this, check out Fill Your Plate’s collection of ‘Recipes You Can Enjoy With Your Animals’. 

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