Convenient and Healthy Snacks For When School is Back in Swing

By Heide Kennedy, Arizona Farm Bureau Communications Intern

Christmas break is over, and now the kids are back in school. After a break that was probably filled with lots of Christmas candy and delicious holiday baked goods, now is the perfect time to begin reintroducing healthy snacks for them to take along to school.  Registered dietician Nina Struss offers tips on how and what to prepare for quick, healthy snacks.

Getting our kids to eat healthily is a group activity

In terms of what to prepare for snacks, she suggests pairing protein and fiber together to help keep your kids feeling full and satisfied until the next meal. Some ideas are popcorn and cheese sticks, fruit slices and nut butter, carrots and hummus, or even a hard-boiled egg and some fruit. My personal favorite is slices of ham or turkey, and a bag of carrot sticks!

Her preparation suggestion is to wash and cut all your fruits and veggies as soon as you return from the store. That way they are already ready to just grab and go or pull out of the fridge whenever a snack is needed. She also mentioned that prepackaged versions of these healthy snack foods can be useful when you’re in a rush.

Keeping your kids well stocked with healthy snack options will help to ensure that the transition from Christmas break back into the next school semester is a success!

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