25 Recipes to Spice-up Your Super Bowl Sunday Spread

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As we head into Super Bowl weekend, both teams are getting ready to take the field and people everywhere are prepping and planning for one of the biggest parties of the year.  Unlike other sporting event championship games, there is something about the Super Bowl that brings people together.  Whether you are a hard core football fan or barely know the difference between a first down and a touchdown, there is a good chance Super Bowl Sunday will find you munching chips and dip while you cheer for your team or whatever team helps you win the football pool at work.

There are only a couple things you need in order to host a great Super Bowl party – a big television, comfortable seating, and fabulous food.  From chips and dip to delicious desserts, the right Super Bowl spread can win the day no matter which team wins the game.  This Sunday, take advantage of the great southwestern flavors that Arizona has to offer and surprise your guests with a little spice and they will be talking about more than just the best play of the game on Monday.

Here are 25 recipes sure to spice-up your Super Bowl Sunday.  Each one features fresh Arizona ingredients you can easily find at one of our local farmer’s markets or grocery stores.   With a little pre-planning and some pre-game prep, you can mix and match them to make a menu that guarantees guests will remember more than just the commercials.


  1. Avocado Appetizer
  2. Baked Goat Cheese Appetizer with Shrimp Basil
  3. Fried Zucchini 
  4. Garlic Cheese Fingers
  5. Green Chili Wontons
  6. Chicken Enchilada Dip
  7. Corn and Black Bean Salsa
  8. Jalapeno Pepper Dip
  9. Cantaloupe Basil Salsa
  10. Arroz Con Chile Verde
  11. Artichoke Dip
  12. Cha Cha’s Chili Corn Bread
  13. Chicken Tortilla Soup
  14. Black Bean and Goat Burger Chili
  15. Desert Chicken Salad Sandwiches
  16. Smothered Burritos
  17. Grandma Gertie’s BLT jalapenos
  18. Hawaiian Meatballs
  19. Quick Pork Fajitas
  20. Sonoran Hamburgers 
  21. Sonoran Hotdogs
  22. Arizona Melon Dessert
  23. Christy’s Yummy Goey Bars
  24. He-Man Cowboy Cookies
  25. Nuts Over Brownies


Just like the teams that take the field on Super Bowl Sunday, the best way to have a winning day is to have a plan and prepare ahead of time.  Plan your game day menu around dishes that can be made ahead of time and that are easy to serve and easy to eat.   A great game day spread doesn’t distract from the game, but enhances the entire experience! Find more great Super Bowl recipes here!

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