What Should I Bring to the Holiday Party?

Holiday How To: What Should I Bring to the Party?

If there is one thing this time of year is never short on, it is get-togethers and parties.  From the holiday luncheon at work to your neighbor’s holiday open house to New Year’s at your sisters, the opportunities to spend time with friends and family this time of year abound.  And where there are get-togethers, there is food which has us all asking, “What should I bring?.” 

To help you get a handle on your holiday planning, here are some great holiday recipes that will help you stretch your food dollar while filling up the plates at all of your holiday functions.


T-A-B-L-E Cosmos from Sharman Hickman, Hickman Family Eggs. 

Made with tomatoes, avocados, hard boiled eggs, and bacon, this tasty appetizer is both filling and flavorful.  Serve it in a cosmo glass for a unique twist.

 Green Chili Wontons from Dawn E. Urton, Case Grande Valley Cotton Wives.

Even though this recipe is quick and easy, it is full of flavor and offers the perfect finger food for any holiday event.  This recipe is great for times when you have to pull something together at the last minute.

Baked Goat’s Cheese Appetizer with Shrimp & Basil from Black Mesa Ranch in Snowflake, AZ.

Distinctive and delicious, this is a great option for when you need fancier fare.  The buttery phyllo dough mixed with the savory shrimp and creamy cheese is sure to have everyone asking for the recipe.

Side Dishes

Julie’s Oven Roasted Red Potatoes & Asparagus from Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Marketing, PR and Ag Education Director.

A great option to liven up the table at any potluck, this recipe updates roasted potatoes by adding the flavor and color of asparagus.  Flavored with rosemary and thyme, this recipe offers a fresh take on an old favorite.

Mexican Cole Slaw from Gladys Brooks, Phoenix Cotton Wives.

Serve up a taste of the Southwest with this side dish that is sure to be a people pleaser.  It won’t add to your holiday stress since it needs to be made ahead of time so that the flavors have time to develop.

Twice-Baked Potato Casserole from Debbie O’Donnell.

Falling right in between baked potatoes and mashed potatoes flavor-wise, this side dish is sure to be a crown favorite.  This recipe is perfect for pot lucks of any kind because potatoes pair well with any protein. 


Grandma Nell Hickman’s Christmas Pie from Hickman Farms.

Break out of the traditional mold and bring this delicious banana-based pie.  This recipe offers something a little different than the more savory selections regularly found on holiday dessert tables.

Cheri’s Classic Prickly Pear Cheesecake from Cheri Romanoski of Cheri’s Desert Harvest.

Featuring local flavors, this cheesecake is perfect for any holiday party.  The uniqueness of the prickly pear is a great addition to the creamy texture of traditional cheesecake.

Harvest Pumpkin Bars with Icing from Paula Jensen, AZFB Staff.

Full of fall flavors, these bars are great for events that call for a more finger-food friendly dessert option.  Covered in cream cheese icing, this recipe is the perfect pairing of sweet and savory.

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