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All about Tortilla Chips

It wouldn’t be game day without them, in the opinion of most millennials, but the fact is that tortilla chips haven’t always been an American food staple. These variously shaped and flavored dipping chips first appeared around 1900, in southern … Continue reading

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Aquaponics: Is this the farm of the future?

What exactly is Aquaponics?  Aquaponics is the combination of recirculation aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants). It is an integrated system in which you grow plants and fish together. The plants provide a natural filter for … Continue reading

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Arizona Food Favorites, the Burrito

There are many legends about the origin of the burrito. My favorite suggests that the wrapped sandwich, traditionally of seasoned meat and beans, came from Mexico with miners who hoped to strike it rich during the California Gold Rush of … Continue reading

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Fun Facts about Clementines

“Oh my darlin’ Oh my darlin’ Oh my darlin’ Clementine,” Go the words of an old song dedicated to an 1849 gold miner’s daughter. The song isn’t American, but Mexican, made popular by south-of-the-border immigrants during the Gold Rush. The … Continue reading

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Arugula, the Healthy Little Green

Arugula is the spicy, peppery little leaf with the funny name. Some say it tastes bitter, others describe the flavor as ‘earthy’. However you describe its taste, this little leaf – with its intense green and its dandelion-leaf shape – … Continue reading

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