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Food FYI: Should You Wash Your Chicken?

If you are like most home cooks in this country, you take a page from the past when it comes to cooking chicken and you rinse the raw meat off in the sink as part of your meal preparation.   This … Continue reading

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Arizona Fall Pumpkin, Corn Maze, and Halloween Festivals 2013

With temperatures beginning to slowly drop, we can almost say the feeling of fall is in the air! This year in the weeks leading up to Halloween, don’t miss out on the seasonal fun! Many local farmers around Arizona open up their … Continue reading

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Get to Know these Neglected Grains

When was the last time you had some buckwheat bread?  How about a millet muffin or a quinoa cupcake?  In all likelihood, the answer to all of these is never.  In fact, if you are like most Americans, you may … Continue reading

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50 Things to Do with Chicken

It is a scene common to any household in the country.  After a long day of work, you arrive home to a chorus of voices asking what’s for dinner.  You open the refrigerator or freezer and reach for the closest … Continue reading

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How Eating A Clove of Garlic a Day Might Keep the Doctor Away

If asked to name foods that are good for your health, people would be likely to name things like apples, vegetables, whole grains, and leafy greens.  But garlic, which is usually delegated to bad breath and vampires, may be making … Continue reading

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