The Ultimate Winter To-Do List: 50 Activities for Friends and Family

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern


Photo: PIxabay


Even though winter in most parts of Arizona doesn’t include a white Christmas, you can still enjoy all the best parts of the cooler weather with this ultimate activity list.


Winter List:

  1. Make gingerbread houses
  2. Decorate stockings with craft supplies
  3. Make and decorate Christmas sugar cookies, use Christmas themed cookie cutters
  4. Try these different recipes for Christmas cookies
  5. Go caroling
  6. Read a Christmas carol and other Christmas books
  7. Decorate your house for Christmas
  8. Buy a real tree!
  9. Decorate your tree
  10. Listen to Christmas music
  11. Drive around to see Christmas lights
  12. Make hot chocolate from the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Delicious Hot Chocolate. Make a hot chocolate bar.
  13. Make a Christmas goodies charcuterie board
  14. Make homemade ornaments
  15. Volunteer at a food pantry or soup kitchen
  16. Donate canned food
  17. Buy something off of an angel giving tree and donate it
  18. Attend a Christmas parade in your area
  19. Decorate butcher paper for wrapping paper, use striped string and other craft supplies
  20. Go see live reindeer in flagstaff
  21. Go play in the snow in northern Arizona. Go sledding, build a snowman, make snow angels, and maybe stay in a cabin while you’re there!
  22. Write letters to Santa
  23. Write letters to friends and family.
  24. Call or video chat with friends and family, especially ones you haven’t talked to in a while.
  25. Go Christmas shopping.
  26. Do a white elephant party
  27. Go watch a play if there is one in your area, like the nutcracker or a Christmas carol
  28. Go ice skating at an indoor rink
  29. Watch Christmas movies
  30. Make no sew blankets and donate to homeless shelters
  31. Make paper snowflakes
  32. Light some winter/Christmas scented candles
  33. Deliver baked goods to friends
  34. Take Christmas photos
  35. Send out Christmas cards
  36. Have an ugly sweater party
  37. Make some Christmas crafts
  38. Make an advent calendar and put your favorite chocolates in it!
  39. Wear Christmas pajamas
  40. Leave treats for Santa and Rudolph
  41. Make a wreath with real or fake Christmas tree boughs
  42. Play hockey
  43. Sit by the fire
  44. Wrap gifts
  45. Do a secret Santa with friends and/or family
  46. Find creative ways on Pinterest to pose your elf on the shelf
  47. Make a popcorn and cranberry garland
  48. Hang mistletoe and stockings
  49. Bake bread. Try different recipes from Pinterest for fruit cake that everyone will love!
  50. Take pictures with Santa
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